Símbolo de la INRUJTA-FICI
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Uprising for a New Government and State

The Indigenous and Peasant Federation of Imbabura - FICI -, in coordination with all the social organizations of the Province, before the economic, political and social crisis caused by the government of Mahuad, make a call to the people of Ecuador to add to the great uprising for a new Government and a new State.

This patriotic action and the historical fight responds to the necessity to change the model of government implanted by the sectors of economics like the traditional bankers and political parties (PSC, DP, PRE, FRA, PC, among others) that have sunk the Country into the social and economic crisis, due to the corruption, anarchy and the particular interests of dominant groups.

Before the emergent crisis that hit the Country we declare the following:

1. To legitimize the Parliaments of the People in Ecuador on the National, Provincial and Cantonal levels, being the true democratic expression of the Ecuadorians.

2. To impel the construction of a new alternative power from the destitution of the present government.

3. It is necessary to implant a new economic, social policy that guards the interests of the great majorities of the Ecuadorian peoples (indigenous, retail farmers, craftsmen, workers, retailers, small and medium honest business people, transportation workers, students, women, etc.).

4. Our deep rejection of the dollarization, being an inadequate economic measurement, improvised and of short term, since it does not solve the integral crisis of the Country.

5. We make the Armed Forces, Police and National Government responsible for the life and the physical integrity of our National, Provincial and Local leaders.

6. We declared this Indigenous and Popular Uprising to be indefinite, non-violent, civic and patriotic.

7. We call on the International Community, other Indigenous Peoples, Solidarity and Human Rights Organizations, Social and Democratic Movements of the world, to stay vigilant of this historical struggle of the Peoples and Nationalities of Ecuador.

Imbabura, January 13, 2000

Carmen Yamberla