The Symbol of INRUJTA-FICI Español
Who are we?

Project and Work Areas

  1. Legal Clinic
    • Community mediation
    • Legal counseling
    • Legal aid throughout legal processes

  2. Health (“Jambi Huasi”)
    • Alternative medicine, encouraging the use of indigenous and occidental treatments
    • Proposal for changing state health policies

    Nina Pacari, National Deputy and Second Vice-President of the National Congress, meeting with FICI leaders
    Photo Credit: Willy Coronel Campos

  3. . Political Organization
    • Strengthen the Communal Governments and Institutions
    • Encourage efforts to reclaim what is ours in all areas

  4. Culture
    • Rescue and strengthen the cultural identity of the Quichua People

  5. Environment and Ecology
    • Support and participate in the integrated management of natural resources

  6. International Relations
    • International organizations (UN, OAS, ILO, UNESCO, UE, UNFPA)
    • Non-governmental organizations (WWF, CMI, OPS, OIDEL)
    • Indigenous Organizations (ONIC-Colombia, CONIVE-Venezuela, ANIPA-Mexico, COLAB-Brazil, COMPMAGUA-Guatemala, TAIRONA-Colombia, CDTT-Mapuche-Chile.)
International Relations
International Relations