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Who are we?

Who are we?


INRUJTA-FICI is the historic Quichua organization of Imbabura, constituted on May 1, 1974.

Its birth was the result of the historical heritage of thousands of years of cultural construction, discriminatory state policies, and more than five hundred years of resistance in the face of colonial and neo-colonial exploitation and oppression of our people.

Since the 1980s, we embarked on a process of re-structuring in order to respond to recent social, economic, and political changes.

Consequently, we have strengthened the National and Provincial Indigenous Movement by developing political proposals that reconcile rural revindications and urban cultural demands. These effort led to the construction of CONAIE, providing national political representation for the Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador.

What are we searching for?


We seek to collect the political experiences and struggles of the Quichua People of Imbabura in an effort to eliminate all the forms of exploitation, oppression, and racial discrimination that we have faced for five centuries. In their place, we propose the construction of a society that is based in solidarity, community, humanism and the recognition of and respect for difference.

We propose the construction of a society that maintains the centuries-old heritage of community, that recognizes cultural diversity, and that practices inter-cultural relations between all People. In the process, we will consolidate a pluricultural society that can achieve social equality through real, democratic political and legal representation both in Civil Society and in a Plurinational State.

FICI President Carmelina Yamberla meets with the governor of Imbabura
Carmelina Yamberla; Photo credit: Tony Lucero